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In 2012, Bruno Moreal was given the Charles G. Witt Memorial Award from the NTMA for his years of generosity and hard work in the terrazzo flooring industry.

O.A. Bertin is an Award Winning Terrazzo Flooring Company

O.A. Bertin Company is among the most trusted and quality terrazzo flooring companies in the Greater Cleveland area for nearly a century. Owned and operated today by Mark and Michael Moreal, O.A.Bertin is a fourth generation business that has been built upon the time honored values such as hard work, honesty and a passion for the intricacies of the trade. O.A. Bertin was founded in 1926 by Odorico Bertin, upon his immigration to the United States from the Northern part of Italy. Despite knowing only little English, Odorico, along with his two sons and a nephew, performed and communicated in their new country with their craftsmanship, dedication and long hours to strive for perfection with their work.


After World War II, the operations of O.A. Bertin were largely passed from Odorico to his two sons Tulio and Dante, and his nephew, Achille. All skilled craftsman by trade, many deep relationships in the construction industry were forged during this time. In the early 1950s, Bruno Moreal, a fellow immigrant from Northern Italy came seeking a job and officially began with the business. He was taken under the wing of Achille, who was a strong laborer in the field, and who was a part owner of the business. Achille would eventually become Bruno’s father-in-law, learning from him the precision and passion for the business. While the second generation retired from the family business, Bruno began running the O.A. Bertin full time in 1972, where the relationships that he forged with some of the most prominent developers and construction entities in the Midwest would help to propel O.A. Bertin for the next generation. Bruno helped to immensely grow the business and reputation of O.A. Bertin.


Today, Bruno’s two sons, Mark and Michael Moreal, provide the administrative and field leadership of the O.A. Bertin operation. Both beginning at young ages with the business, and being involved ever since, Mark and Michael have overseen the terrazzo flooring work and renovation of some of the area’s largest construction projects, including at Cleveland Hopkins Airport, the Cleveland Clinic and many of the College and University campuses found in Northeast Ohio. What remains the same is the family tradition of hard work, pride and passion in our craft and honesty.

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